Roogles Outdoors Chuck Wagon

Chef Eli will prepare a variety of hardy dishes sure fill your belly and put a smile on you face.

CW Outfitters

A Division of C&D Firearms LLC started with the goal of providing affordable goods for the people who love the outdoors – and that is just what they continue to do. They will be offering cord, ferro rods, knives, folding saws, as well as new and used camping and survival gear.

The Gear Shak

Founded in 2021, The Gear Shak, LLC is a premier dealer for Fenix flashlights and Work Sharp sharpeners, located in the scenic Bluegrass region of Kentucky. With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, we bring our curated selection of top-quality gear to you in-person at shows and festivals. Although we don’t have a physical store or offer online shopping, you can stay connected with us through our informative website and social media platforms. Discover the perfect gear for your needs and experience our personalized service at The Gear Shak, where your satisfaction is our top priority.

Hooks Outdoors

If you like Old Hatchets that look like new and are ready to work. Stop by! We also have refurbished cooking knives. Plus a lot of your other camping and bushcraft small gear needs!

If you’re looking for something unique check out the H.M.B. (Hooks Micro Buck Saw) that at the next GatherThing.

Shankle Homestead Leather Works

Hand crafted unique leather and outdoor gear items that are sure to catch your eye. If you’re looking for some custom leather the Shankles do that too.

Swartz Foods

Offering stellar freeze dried adventure snacks! Meals, snacks, bulk packs and more. If you’re looking for tasty trail food, a last minute camp meal or something for emergency preparedness, you have to check out Swartz Foods!

Opossum Pouch Soft Goods

Our north star is simplicity, and consistency of design. We focus on the essentials, and solid tailoring fundamentals. We take a minimalistic approach to design from start to finish. The results are highly effective products, that are not overly complicated, and are elegantly simple. This approach allows us to produce highly effective, extraordinarily rugged gear this is cost effectively priced. This is the O.P.S.G philosophy of Elegantly Rugged Gear. At O.P.S.G. our mission is to make gear that always meets this ideal balance.

Dakota of the Woods

I’ve been in the woods hunting fishing and camping  for sustainment since I was 10. In previous years I’ve done numerous  canoe guides as well as throughike the AT. I’ve taught class’s most of my life instructing new scout parents on how to be not only  adequate but reliable in the outdoors to supplement thier children while on thier campouts and adventures. 

The outdoors  is home to me and I am usually more effective there than most modern folk are today. I’d love to share my knowledge  and also collect a Ton of it  for the other instructors and attendees alike. 

Mountain King Survival

The GatherThing 2024 Tickets available now

September 5-8th 2024 | Hinton, WV