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All Ages Classes

Trashcraft – with Joe Flowers

Turn trash into treasure practical survival tools.

Knapsack / Rucksack / Backpack – with Blackie Thomas

A talk on how we scale up and scale down to fit the needs or our outdoor adventures. I will show how all 3 can work together and well as ways to choose which one is best for you.

Haversack and Bedroll Camping – with Dakota of the Woods

In this class we cover how to adequately camping in this way while still being effective and comfortable in most conditions. As well as avoiding  climate that don’t facilitate this setup.

Tying Flys – with Kris “Hooks” Hoogstraat

Hook has been a youth leader for over 25 years. Working with youth in the Boy Scouts of America and Scouting USA. He enjoys showing the youth the joy of the outside world. Hoping they find a love for it sooner than he did in life. Hook started fishing regularly in 2005 with his oldest son. This hobby soon became a lure business for Hook and the family. Making lures, lead and floating jigs, sinkers and anything fishing related they could. Unfortunately, the recession closed the business, but not the love of fishing.So as instructor at events his goal is always a make and take project with a free will donation to cover expenses. Hooks never wants to see someone not take his classes if money is a problem. Hence why he does free donation classes only.

Campfire Cooking – with Wanda Priday

Join us for an introduction to campfire cuisine. Participants will learn how to build and maintain a cook fire of steady coals and review safety precautions and protocols to follow. We will prepare several dishes supplemented with foraged seasonal wild plants and fruits. We will utilize; cast iron cookware, green wood grates and rocks. The instructor will demonstrate preparing foods by grilling, sautéing, baking and boiling and discuss wood selection for general cooking and smoking flavors, as well as toxic woods to avoid. Class will wrap up with a conversation about preferred foods that are easy to transport and prepare while camping or in a survival scenario, as well as, the local indigenous peoples methods of cooking and preparing food with fire.

Wilderness 1st Aid – with Becky Christopher

Have you ever wondered what to do if you face an emergency or injury while in the outdoors? Come learn basic first aid skills and how to care for yourself as well as others. Becky has 23 years experience in Emergency Medicine as well as being Certified in Wilderness First Aid. She will teach you about Burns, how to stop the bleeding, hypothermia, hyperthermia, as well as other injuries you might face in the wilderness and how to handle them.

Bic Lighters 101 – with Paul Christopher

Upgrade your lighter game with a assortment of practical tricks.

Homestead Tips & Tricks – with Paul Christopher

Learn the art of maximizing resources while minimizing waste. Homestead Tips & Tricks with Paul Christopher is sure to leave you with a variety of useful skills to add to your repertoire.

Caches & Hides – with John Galloway

In this class learn the hows and whens for caching supplies and how sniper hides can be used for emergency shelters and emergency supply storage.

Homestead Gardening Hacks – with John Galloway

In this class learn tips for unique raised beds, supports for climbing vegetables and much more by utilizing what you probably already have on your homestead.

Intro to Essential Oils – with Jess Shankle 

You will learn the most common essential oils and their benefits. A great class to ask questions and gain information.

Youth Classes

Youth Clothes Mending in the Field (Kids Class) – with Kris “Hooks” Hoogstraat

Hook has been a youth leader for over 25 years. Working with youth in the Boy Scouts of America and Scouting USA. He enjoys showing the youth the joy of the outside world. Hook has taught young Cub Scouts the skill of sewing on a button to mending small holes in clothes. Even how to darn a sock. Simple sewing skills are a great thing to learn young or old.

Kids Go Bags (Kids Class) – with Mamma Wendy

There are so many lists and workshops about go bags, get home bags, everyday carry bags, bug out bags… All for adults. We all know that if our kids are not happy, no one is happy. How do we pack and prepare for the little ones in our lives? Not just for the end of world event, but any event that might disrupt their normal routines. How do we empower them to have the tools they need to thrive not just survive. As well as lighten our own loads, since they can contribute and carry their own.

This will be a fun hands on activity based class for kids, anyone that might have their own kids, or kids in their community they care about and want to prepare for. We will go over age appropriate items and weights for even the littlest of our village. How to encourage learning new skills to add to their metaphysical packs as well. And use one of our lessons in tracking for a scavenger hunt. Making learning survivalism a fun family activity instead of being fear based. We all know the more skills you have the less things you need and the more empowered you become. That is what we all want for these kids!

Come with your questions and concerns. None of our children are the same and their ways of learning are not either! Love to open the floor for us all to combine our experiences to learn from each other. Together we can write the parenting book on teaching survivalism.

Workshops (Multi-hour, may require a small fee)

AtlAtl Make & Take – with Wanda Priday

Come ready to carve your own AtlAtl to take home! You may bring your own straight branch to class or use materials provided by the instructor. Wanda will demonstrate 2 different ways to create an AtlAtl, one using a straight branch and another using the “V” section. Some of the best woods to make an AtlAtl out of are Osage Orange, Oak, Ash, Elderberry, Western Juniper and Hazelnut, but in reality any wood will do. An overview of various styles and the peoples who have created and used AtlAtls throughout world history will be given. The second half of class will be practicing with your new Atlatl on the archery range. The instructor will have a variety of arrows available to try your hand!

Bushcraft Engineering & Machines – with Adam Frye

Part 1 – An introduction to the tools of the trade and then the characteristics of the different natural materials that we’ll be using to build.

Part 2 – Then the class will be led to build several simple tools from natural materials.

Part 3 – Ending with an introduction to Adam’s personal favorite….Bushcraft Machines.

Basketweaving Workshop – with Rachol Logan

Have you ever been out foraging and stumbled across a beautiful patch of mushrooms but didn’t have anything to collect them in? I know I have, and that’s what inspired me to learn the art of basket weaving.

Join me for a hands on learning experience!In my class I will show you the step by step process. we will be weaving simple baskets from foraged honeysuckle vines. Take your foraging to the next level!

There are ten openings for ten dollars a person. Paid in person at the event.


Traditional Trade Blanket – with Mamma Wendy

The trade blanket tradition dates back to the fur traders of the 1600 century. Sometimes these events would be coordinated as a big event called a rendezvous. Travelers would come from all around to barter and trade what they had and for what they needed. It is one of the ways we can reinforce a system of commerce that is not based on the paper we are led to believe has value. It is a organized system (almost ceremony like) that everyone should experience.

Everyone is welcome to watch! If you would like to participate please bring items to trade. Usually trade items are encouraged to be handcrafted, materials to craft with, tools, food, furs, knowledge based. Examples could be: knives, handmade clothing, wool blankets, medicines, herbs, jars, handmade jewelry…. Be creative!

Each person will have a chance to offer their special item, and each person around the circle will then place an item on the edge of the blanket to offer in exchange. Sometimes it helps to have one big trade item as well as a few smaller that you can put in combination. As well as to sweeten the pot or to make your original trade more appealing if the center trader cannot decide. Traditionally frog skins (paper cash) is not allowed at the circle.

We are excited to offer this interactive experience at our event! Looking forward to seeing you there.

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